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Michael Hunter Review 1997


All the letters have been said
All the visual language has been seen
All the notes have been played
Art is like music
It is how you put the notes together in a pleasing way
that speaks a visual language.


University of Mary Harden Baylor

04 01 1997
Mr.Hershall Seals, Head of the Art program University of Mary-Hardin Baylor, Belton TX.

An exhibit of paintings and mixed media lithographs by Temple artist Michael A.Hunter will be on view through April 4 in the Pressor Art Gallery at UMHB. Originally from Canada, Hunter graduated from the Fine Art program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario in 1991 and furthered his studies at the University of Windsor. Hunter has exhibited in five group shows in Ontario and locally at Sorge's Italian Restaurant.

The works selected for display at UMHB reveal Hunter's concern for social awareness and justice. He gives us fragmented glimpses of military events juxtaposed with scenes of starvation and racial tension. But what creates such a jarring sense of irony is how he combines images of glamour which by comparison to the other images makes one think how morally obtuse our culture has become. Like much Pop Art and popular culture his collage of different images mimic the viewing of the television news where video of car bombings are sandwiched between shampoo commercials.